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Default 6600GT lock-ups

Okay, I'm getting sick of this. First, the Hardwa

ASrock K7VT4APro
Barton 3000+
1536MB DDR400 (1024+512) CL3
Palit GF6600GT 128MB AGP
80GB Seagate Barracuda ATA
Lite-On CDRW
3.5" disk
1x120mm, 2x60mm case fans (5V)
10/100 LAN card
SB64PCI (used only as game port)

My PC may lock-up completely at any moment, screen just freezes and all
I can do is push the reset button. Before this kind of behaviour I
installed new 1GB TwinMOS DDR400 CL3 memory module and Palit GF6600GT
AGP. I ran Memtest86 couple of times and it didn't find any errors.
Also tried using only old 100% working memory modules and still locked
up. So the reason seems to be the 6600GT.

Things I've tried so far:
- re-installed 77.72 WHQL's
- switched fast writes OFF
- lowered AGP aperture to 128mb
- switched off write combining
- switched off DEP (Data Execution Prevention or something)

And I'm beginning to get out of ideas. Faulty card? I have seen no
graphic corruption and temperatures stay below 70 degrees. I can play
heavy 3D games several hours before lock-up and the lock-up also occurs
on the desktop when idling. Some days it may lock-up several times and
some days it doesn't lock-up at all.

Could it be the PSU? 350W Enermax (+3.3V 32A/+5V 32A/+12V 17A) and I
have used multimeter to measure +5V and +12V rails. They seem to be rock
solid (5.10V and 12.30V) and never drop under their values. Altough MBM5
claims that +12V is only 11.55V and may drop as low as 11.35V during
gaming and the 5% warning pops up. Which one to trust, multimeter or MBM5?

Help much appretiated.