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"Dan Twining" wrote in message
This is very strange, i have turned off reboot on error, but it still
causes system to reboot! Event viewer shows nothing. I run the memory test
prog that i got from MS, run it a few times and it showed all the memory
to be good and clean, but i havn't actuatly removed a stick yet. I've
tried removing "ULi AGP V3.0 Controller", and all the video card drivers,
and re-installing them, nothing helped. I did re-install windows with all
the hardware in place, but all i'm running at the moment is bare
necessities (cpu, memory, vid card, dvd drive). I run dxdiag and it causes
the system to re-boot when running direct3d tests! But i don't think this
is just a direct3d problem as doom 3 is openGL and that fails too. I
tried lowering AGP speeds and fast writes and all sorts of other options,
but nothing has helped yet. Its hard to tell whats failing when the system
just reboots! - who'd have thought i'd be wanting to see a BSOD.

Pleaseeeeeee help! - i'm totaly lost.

"DaveL" wrote in message
The OP needs to turn off reboot on error in XP to see what the error
actually is. Could be bad memory too.


"anthony" wrote in message
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Overheating video card or CPU? did u reinstall windows after u added in

the new hardware? if not do it solves ALOT of software conflicts beyond

Iam not sure what else to try anyone else?

Sounds like it is hardware related since windows shows no error in log.

1. make sure card is seated properly.

2. all fans turning?

3.Next most likely is marginal power supply.