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Install SP2, XP firewall auto set to enable as default and can prevent some
tool / apps etc from starting.
Try to disable firewall. Look in Control panel for "Firewall". Unsign nVidia
driver should not be a problem.


"Roy Mottola" wrote in message
I have a small glitch too, with an FX5200 card which is software related.
It only occurred after installing SP2 and it went away after uninstalling
SP2 I was thinking that it may have something to do with unsigned drivers.
Nvidia is no help at all, but Microsoft is in the process of helping me
find the problem.
"Docrotcod" wrote in message
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Boy I sure hope someone here can help. I am running Windows XP Pro
SP2 and using a FX5700, VIA chipset MB. I am getting an error 10 in the
device manager. I KNOW it is not hardware related as I can install a
FRESH copy of XP and the problem goes away. However, I would rather just
fix the problem. I have the latest drivers, latest XP updates, tried the
driver cleaner, reinstall the drivers, bios updates, adjust agp apeture
settings, etc. I really would like to get this resolved as it affects
even just web browsing.