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Sorry, it is a MSI KM2M motherboard. I will try your suggestions in that
order. Thank you!


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Boy I sure hope someone here can help. I am running Windows XP Pro

and using a FX5700, VIA chipset MB. I am getting an error 10 in the

manager. I KNOW it is not hardware related as I can install a FRESH copy

XP and the problem goes away. However, I would rather just fix the

I have the latest drivers, latest XP updates, tried the driver cleaner,
reinstall the drivers, bios updates, adjust agp apeture settings, etc. I
really would like to get this resolved as it affects even just web



But which version of the Hyperion Drivers (nee 4-in-1) are you running on
that unnamed VIA chipped system board?

In order:
Update and configure BIOS
Install OS Bare
Install Chipset Drivers
Install Device Drivers
Service Patch OS
Install DirectX

Try all that and see if Error 10 goes away.