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Thank you very much for the reply. I assume that clocking the monitor down
52 Hz will mean lower performance, correct? So, and if that is the case I
guess I must wait until I get a new card or a large monitor that can work
with the 1920x1200 resolution. Thanks again I do appreciate your input.

"Jon Cortelyou" wrote in message

The Apple 23" displays have a native resolution of 1920x1200. Technically
this resolution is not supported by the DVI standard. You must drive your
monitor at 52Hz instead of the more standard 60Hz. I have been told that
currently the nVIDIA drivers *do* support this output format. But I
confirm this first hand.

I run DVI 1920x1200 @ 52Hz with my 24" LCD Samsung 240t and Radeon 9700
But that setup required me to hack the monitor's .inf file to allow for
output @ 1920x1200.

You might want to look into the Samsung 243t if you in the market for a
large widescreen 'high end' LCD display.


"Vassik" wrote in message
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I am thinking of getting the new Apple 23" cinema screen for my PC and

wondering if anyone has any experience whether this combination (Nvidia

Ultra and the new 23" Apple monitor) will work with Windows XP.

At the apple store the salesman told me that as long as I have a DVI card

should work fine however I was also told by someone else that with some
video cards you cannot see any information or enter the BIOS or anything
else for that matter before Windows boots. Anyone tried it?
Thanks for any feedback.