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Most often the drivers you get from the windows update site are far
outdated compared to the ones you get directly from the
manufacturer's website. Use the 61.77 drivers. They are the better

Excuse my chipping in. Is it necessary to uninstall the existing
drivers or take other crucial preparatory measures, or can I simply
execute the downloaded EXE that I get from the site?

If you experience and know how to get out of messy situation, better
if you uninstall first then reinstall. Otherwise, simply install.

I've seen this advice often in the past so it must have merit, but I'd
like to understand why this is so. There can't be two identically named
files in the same directory, so that wouldn't be the source of a problem,
so, what would be the reason for this? Confusion in the registry, perhaps?


Generally speaking the answer is yes.