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In any case, I have an 5900 Ultra card with 256 megs. He doesn't want

spend more then US $200 for a video card, so I am trying to decide between
getting him a 5700 Ultra or an 5900XT card instead.

I also want to know if we should go for the 128 meg or a 256 meg model?

know that mod manufactorers use "cheaper" memory for 256 meg cards, so I

wondering if the 256 meg option will actually "slow down" the system.

In addition, I see that most of the 5900XT cards have a "core speed" of

Mhz. What about this one that claims 430Mhz?

The 5900xt is a better card -- hands down (over the 5700 ultra). Check out
all the doom3 benchmarks. If you can get a 256 mb one -- get it. But I
doubt it will be less than $200.00.

Some manufacturers overclock their cards out of the box -- so what you see
with that card is entirely probable. I run my 5900xt at 425/763 (using
MSI's own overclocking utility - -but the default on my card is 390/700).

If you want to compare 5900XTs, go he

That said, if you can wait a month, you would be better off with the 6600GT
(or the 6800LE -- if you can get that OEM part).

Both the 6600 GT and/or the 6800LE should be about $200.00.

Personally, I would wait for either the 6600 GT or the 6800 LE. Both are
later generation for about the same money as the 5900XT -- and faster.