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Dark Avenger wrote:
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Apoo wrote:
I know that a lot of Via mainboard's won't like it..As i had to
upgrade to a Nvidia chipset .. :-{
But the speed is worth it..

I was actually trying to do a calculation to see if my PSU was good
enough for my setup, I am having some stability issues. just gave yourself the awnser...get a good PSU and be happy (
Enermax, Antec True Power )

But I need to make sure I get high enough current rating on each line! Even
a 1000000 PSU that can only supply 20A on the 12V line won't work if I am
trying to draw 25A !!! I have calculated all the other powers, it's just it
makes quite a difference whether the 75W for my graphics card comes off the
12V, 5V or 3.3V line.