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Does yours use the additional power supply connector? Is it inserted

It is possible your power supply is a bit strained with this card too, and
is making noise.


Yes, it does use the additional power supply connecter, and yes, it is
inserted properly.

I don't think it's the power suply that makes this noise when I scroll my
Internet Explorer window. It IS the card. The question that only remains is

While I was waiting for someone to reply around here, I searched the
Internet for some answers myself. It turned out that there are quite of few
people having the very same/similar problem. All of them have 5900 / 5900
Ultra based cards, from various manifacturers.

Now that I've turned off "Smooth scrolling" in my IE, the problem disapeared
for most of the time. But still, it's there, and I'm trying to figure out
why this happens!