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Maurice ON4BAM wrote:

I'm using aPC with GF4MX440 without any probems and a while back had
to upgrade my son's PC. I also choose a GF4MX440 and installed in a
prefectly working system with WIN98SE, AX34 MB and Celeron 733 CPU.
after installing the videocard the system became unstable and crached
after 30 minutes at most. The monitor just switched to standby and a
reboot was the only solution to get back to work. I then re-installed
WIN98 (after a format C. Everything went smooth untill I installed
the 45.23 drivers. After rebooting the sctreen went blank (standby)
and nothing worked (even a blind ALT-F4 did nothing, so i suspect a
total lockup). I 'uninstalled' the videocard in safe mode and rebooted
and tried the drivers of my Gainward card, same problem, the I tried a
CD with drivers from Spranke, same again. Then, after a format I tried
WIN200. The 3 different drivers again made the system lock up after
I checked the memory (2*128 and 1*64) and found nothing wrong, I
changed the PSU... no difference. I tried with and without the 4in1
VIA drivers... I'm stuck and out of ideas on what could be wrong. One
thing is for sure, everything works until the NVidia drivers are
What bothers me most is that the 733 is my old system which I used
succesfully with the GF4MX440

BTW, I switched the cards between both systems and the newest card is
now happily working in my PC...

Any ideas??

Thanks in advance

Bye Maurice

I did a quick check around the Google groups and some forums -- it
appears there has been a long standing problem between the Aopen AX34
and GF2 series cards (not sure why). The GF4MX is based on a GF2 core,
so that might explain part of it. In the other instances, all the
problems come after installing accelerated drivers.

I would look for an Aopen BIOS update and disable settings like AGP
Sidebanding and Fast Writes in the main BIOS.