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Anders Albrechtsen
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"Aki Peltola" wrote in message
"Anders Albrechtsen" wrote
subject as above, on my GF4 Ti4200 128mb. the game runs & looks great

1280x1024, almost photorealistic textures but the mirrors don't

this bugs me. TIA

Your card doesn't support Pixel Shader 1.4 which is used to render the
mirror reflections. It's stated pretty clear in the game's readme file.

Whoa, quite strange that I've seen mirror-reflections in many
games before MP2 and I've only had cards supporting DX7/8.

Is this the way novadays, concentrate to DX9-programming
only and soon even the simpliest effects do require some
f*cking superior DX9-hardware? Right, no mercy.
Must evolve.

Actually Max Payne 2 is a DirectX 8.1 game and uses DX 8.1 shaders. Mirrors
in older games (such as Deus Ex) are not rendered by pixel shaders, but
rather through rendering the same scene from a 3rd person perspective.