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Larry Roberts
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On Wed, 17 Sep 2003 08:07:51 +1000, banshee wrote:

ATI and HL2 team has screwed nvidia.

They did it on purpose, what gaming company would release the first
offical benchmarks that had poor frames on drivers that where old, and
refused to use to the ones that nvida told them to use.

I smell $$$

I'm sorry for ya, but ATI couldn't pay the kind of money that
Valve would lose by coding the game to run good only on ATI hardware
users. Valve is in the buissness of making money. They do it by making
PC games that most gamers want to play. They would not jeperdize their
companies reputation on something as stupid as alinating customers who
are their "bread & butter".
We all like to think the "man" is out to put us down, but
Nvidia just "dropped the ball", and now they are taking flak for it
from all directions now. I really don't think drivers are gona fix the
problem. The FX 5800 was a "constapated turd", and the FX 5900 is just
a "softed turd" by comparison when it comes to DX9 shader technology.