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WIth that card and tv-out chipset, you will need to stay with 40.72 or earlier to avoid these
problems. Besides, NONE of the newer drivers offer ANY performance or functionality enhancements
for a GF2 MX.

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"Jay" wrote in message ...

I have a geforce 2 MX 400 card. I recently installed a DVDROM and when I
play certain DVD's it asks me to disable my TV out ( as the dvd's are
copywrited ) before allowing these DVD's to be played back. I cannot find
anywhere in the drivers options to disable the tv out. I have gone back to
the 30.82 drivers before nview2 and these allow me to playback any dvd's BUT
this means I cannot put the latest drivers on ( I'm using XP ). I do not
even have a tv attached. So is this a NVIEW problem or just the drivers ?

Does anyone know how to disable the tv out ! so I can install the latest
drivers !!!