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I have run into the same problem:
My system:
Leadtek A250 (Geforce4 Ti 4400) 128 Mb [Det. 44.67]
Gigabyte GA-7N400Pro
AMD XP 2500+
256 Mb PC-2700
40 Gbyte Seagate Barracuda IV 7200 rpm
Antec True Power 430

When I upgraded my motherboard from MSI-6380/Athlon T'Bird 1200Mhz to AMD
2500+ and Gigabyte GA-7N400Pro,
I've got my Video memory going haywire it goes anyware from 16,32,64 or 128
Mb no matter what driver I use.First I thought that Windows XP Pro was only
wrongly displaying the actual memory. Then I tried it out in games and in
Unreal Torunament 2003 the graphics would be noticeably slower, it means
that the program is using my main memory. I've read in some newsgroups that
you need a bigger PSU when running higher fequency CPUs.
Just upgraded the PSU from 350 Watts(Stock) to Antec 430 Watts and so far
the memory problem goes away.

* It didn't go away instantly though, I gave it about a day and so far the
Video Memory Windows is reporting is 128Mb.

Hope I could help

"Kevin" wrote in message
I have a Visiontek Xtasy GeForce440MX 64mb DDR and depending on the mood

is in it either starts w/ 16, 32, or 64mb of memory working. There are no
IRQ conflicts or others that I know of. My system is:

P4 2.0gHz 400mHz fsb
Intel Chipset 845PEBT2
768 DDR Dimms
nVidia 44.03 driver

Wondering if anyone is experiencing the same problems or is it just me?
Tried Visiontek's support site and their only answer is for me to send it

them for testing. This will take 2-3 weeks after they recieve it.
I appreciate any and all responses to my problem.