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I am running the 44.03 driver provided by nVidia. Also I reseated my card
and cleaned the contacts.

"Kevin" wrote in message
I have a Visiontek Xtasy GeForce440MX 64mb DDR and depending on the mood

is in it either starts w/ 16, 32, or 64mb of memory working. There are no
IRQ conflicts or others that I know of. My system is:

P4 2.0gHz 400mHz fsb
Intel Chipset 845PEBT2
768 DDR Dimms
nVidia 44.03 driver

Wondering if anyone is experiencing the same problems or is it just me?
Tried Visiontek's support site and their only answer is for me to send it

them for testing. This will take 2-3 weeks after they recieve it.
I appreciate any and all responses to my problem.