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John Smith
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Personally, I don't rate the grease that Zalman provide and I use a brand
name thermal grease - and lots of it.

My 50, although much smaller than your 80A and on a much less powerful VGA
card, is only very slightly warm to touch.


"Andrew Lee" wrote in message
OK guys, I've fitted the cooler and got it up and running... the silence

almost deafening! It seems to be OK so far, but I touched both heatsinks
after leaving the computer on for 15 minutes, and it seems a bit hot for

liking (although not untouchable). I'm not sure if I'd trust it with
Half-Life 2 or any of the latest 3D games yet, but I don't play games that
often anyway.


"John Smith" wrote in message
It's the other way round for me - prior to putting on the 50 I used to

lock-ups on my card with the fan. Now, fanless but with the 50 I don't

any - touch wood.


"Groove" wrote in message
Andrew Lee said this...
I've ordered the 80A from, and I'm certain it

work with my configuration (Abit KX7-333R mobo). I've got a tube of
thermal grease left over from the Zalman Flower Cooler, so I'll add

on when I'm applying the stuff.

Just by way of reassurance, I put the 80a on my ti4200 a few weeks

Deep joy to be rid of the nasty little fan, and the card is

perfectly. Even after hours of gaming no lockups or artifacts. I'm

happy with it so far. I have moved a case fan to the back of the box

it will blow over the heatsink for the recent hot weather, but mainly

runs without this fan perfectly well.

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