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Nikolaos Tampakis
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Mike wrote:
This board only supports 266MHz FSB CPU's (133MHz CPU Clock). That is the
limitation of the VIA KT333 chipset.

Why is it then that VIA says it KT333 supports FBS333?

And why does other boards with KT333 support FSB333? Am I missing something


As I commented in the other post, is apparently not the whole
story. The whitepaper for KT333 does not list 333 MHz bus support.
Also, two Asus boards with the KT333, the A7V333 and the A7V333-X, are
listed with 266 and 333 MHz bus support respectively.
And the latter has a 'CF' designation for the KT333 chipset, so it's
rather obvious that (a) specific revision(s) of the KT333 add(s) the 333
MHz bus support.
VIA really ought to have mentioned this disparity between different
revisions in the page above.