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John Page
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Default Weirdness with a 5700 Ultra and MSI Kt880

I have a 5700 Ultra that I used at the office. When installed in an
Intel motherboard with a Pentium 4 2.5GHz processor at work it scored
270 MPixels/sec on the pcpitstop test.

I then brought it home and installed it in my MSI KT880 motherboard. On
the same test, it scored 49 MPixels/sec. Other graphics benchmarks were
slow also. I thought it might be the DVI-to-VGA adapter I was using,
but I swapped in a Radeon 8500 with the same DVI-to-VGA adapter and got
152 MPixels/sec, which was just about what I expected.

I have the latest chipset drivers for the KT880 and the latest drivers
for the 5700. I even changed back to earlier drivers for the 5700 and
there was no change. I did attach power to the card, and I am using an
Antec 350W power supply that seems to be fine. The graphics settings
are 8x AGP with Fast Writes enabled and the wait states disabled. I
changed to 4x AGP with no effect. Sandra on the PC reports that the
graphics card is running at 8x AGP.

I have not changed the BIOS on the card itself. But is there a setting
I am missing? Or is there a weird VIA/Nvidia incompatibility? Any