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Default Quete CPU Cooler for Opteron Socket F (Socket 1207) w/ Tyan n6650W mobo

It's been a while since I built built my PC and it's about time for an

I plan on building a dual processor Opteron system based on the Tyan n6650W
motherboard. I am planning on installing only one CPU at this time (an
Opteron 2210). I'll wait for the quad-core Opterons later this year and
then put two of them in this system. I am not planning on overclocking.

The biggest problem I've run into - finding a quite & good CPU cooler for
this system. There are coolers available, but they're 55 dB or more. Yuck!

The Cooler Master Mars is supposed to work, but the reviews for it are
marginal at best & it does not come with a backplate. I'm worried about
damaging a $400+ mobo (not to mention the CPU) with a poor cooler.

Any suggestions?


It's about time to replace those P-III's