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"MP" wrote in message
"MP" erroneously wrote:

I performed the 71.68 uninstall, and then installed the 78.01
(specifically, the download from the nVidia website.

It's 20.1 GB, by the way.

"edde" was shocked into disbelief, and asked:

20.1 GB!!!! How many days did that take to download?!

I am SO sorry!

I meant 20.1 MEGAbytes! What an idiot I am.

No wonder my ISP just walks all over me. They gave me two tin cans and a
string and told me I had a T-2 line - and if I paid them another small
"fee" for an extra tin can ("It's the ultimate in BroadBand! You'll have a
genuine "T-3" line then!")