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Default Ebuyer Joke Emails (not)

When you post an e-note with Ebuyer you get the following message;

************************************************** ***************************************
Dear ########, Many thanks for using our website for your customer service
query. We are currently replying to all queries within 2 business days,
please bear with us whilst we process your query. Sincerely, Ebuyer Support

************************************************** ***************************************

It's a joke considering;

The initial e-note was posted about 2 weeks ago and still no reply.
A further 3 e-notes have been posted and still no reply.
Each further email generated this email and still no reply.
A recorded delivery letter has been sent, and received, and still no reply.
Contact details (email & phone) have been given and still no reply.

Customer service at Ebuyer is so non-existent that it's a complete joke. I'd
be laughing if I wasn't so frustrated at not getting anywhere with getting
the item sent to me that they've billed me for on my credit card some time