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Default 5000 Series -- Can't Stay Connected to 'Net

I have a Presario that can't maintain an internet connection. I've
contacted my ISP and they ran me through a number of tests, but the problem
still exists. At one time I had a virus, so thinking that could have
infected something I even reformatted the HD. Still no luck. I upgraded
the driver for the HSP56 modem and still can't maintain a connection. I'm
at a loss as to what to do next. Any suggestions? Should I go as far as to
go buy a new modem? If I do that, what should I look for/look out for as
far as brands/type/compatibility.

FYI, my ISP person told me that the HSP56 is generally put into "lower end
machines like E-Machines and is often error prone." As anyone else heard
this? Thanks.