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Default I know this has been asked.....BUT a question on Driver Removal

"Jay Sottolano" wrote in message
To all,
I apologize in advance for asking what has been asked in the past, but
before I muck up a perfectly good running XP Pro SP1 system, I'd at
least like a fair shot at doing a driver upgrade with a fair shot at
success. I used to just simply switch to VGA mode, uninstall the
drivers, and install the new ones, but there are any number of utilities
on GURU3D for removing traces and hints, and those "other" NVidia files,
I have and ASUS 9280TD (GF4 Ti4200) 8X AGP 128 running on ASUS 31.40
drivers. I am interesting in the Omega 43.45s, or starting to try some
of the 4x series drivers to obtain some better performance and 2D
enhancements (Omega 43.45 seem to do that). So, what is the actual best
technique for removing all traces of the 3x drivers before an upgrade?
I appreciate, and promise to keep the answer on file!

Jay S.

Do not use the Omega drivers for nvidia, he is no longer supporting them,
nor are they proven to be of superior merit.

It is no longer required to switch to VGA and reboot for driver removal,
merely set your desktop and other settings to be "VGA compatible" such as
640x480x16 and then uninstall the Detonator Suite via the uninstall routine.

There are "nvidia file removers" which can, in theory, clean up after an
uninstall, however, these are also of limited use. Simply install the latest
suite and expect trouble free operation.

Be aware of potential problems, but do not expect them, the Detonators are