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Augustus wrote:
So when it was installed in older machine I must have had that
connected to something(power supply?) or it would not have worked?

This is a Q&A page from ATI regarding this feature on their AIW and DV
cards. It would also apply to your Pinnacle card.

What use does the additional 4-pin internal power connector have
on the ALL-IN-WONDERŽ RADEONŽ 8500DV? How does it work?

A17: There is an internal 4-pin power connector on the
ALL-IN-WONDERŽ RADEONŽ 8500DV. This is an optional connection and is
not required to be connected for the IEEE 1394/FireWireŽ DV
functionality to work. There are very few devices that draw power
from the IEEE 1394/FireWireŽ connector; camcorders do not require
this connection. However, some examples of devices that do require
this power connection are new 'eyeball' cameras that sit on top of
the monitor or some very small hard drives. When you connect the
4-pin power connector, power is provided on the IEEE 1394/FireWireŽ
connector's pins both on the graphics board and on the Input/Output

Thank you very much. I do believe I have seen these connectors elsewhere on
other types of PCI cards.