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Default Latest P4P800 Deluxe USB 2.0 W2K driver?

I have this wonderful system built around a P4P800 Deluxe.

It works perfectly, including all USB 2.0 devices I have connected to
it so far:
* Cruzer Mini USB drive (256MB)
* Samsun Digimax 201 camera
* EPSON Perfection 3200 scanner

However, when I connect the scanner through the switch, the scanner
becomes an "Unknown device". This problem does *not* occur on a
different PC running Windows XP and using the same exact switch and
scanner (that's why I bought the switch, so that I can share the
scanner between two PCs ).

Since I am using W2K-SP4 with all latest updates, and the date/version
on the USB2 driver is later than the one the came with the P4P800
Deluxe CD, I did not install the driver that came with the CD. That
decision seemed to be correct, but having this strange problem I am
not sure anymore...

The following is a date/version comparison between the ASUS P4P800
Deluxe CD and what's currently installed in my system:

File ASUS P4P800 Deluxe CD W2K-SP4 (installed)
------- --------------------- -------------------
usbhub20.sys 2002/4/17, 5.0.2195.5605 2003/6/19, 5.0.2195.6717
usbport.sys 2002/4/22, 5.0.2195.5652 2003/6/19, 5.0.2195.6681
usbehci.sys 2002/4/22, 5.0.2195.5652 2003/6/19, 5.0.2195.6709

Which is newer? Are there even newer W2K drivers in existence?

The P4P800 Deluxe CD also came with 3 more files that I cannot find in
my system:
* hccoin.dll
* ich5usb2_win2k.inf

What do you think? Am I using the latest and greatest? If not, what is
the latest and greatest?

Thank you!

P.S. For those curious to learn more about my plight with the USB 2.0
switch, it is all documented he