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Hi folks,
I just ordered a new A7N8X to replace my Soyo KT400 Dragon. The Dragon
has been a royal pain in the arse since I got it in March and I'm
finally tired of the frequent lock-ups after trying every combination
of settings I could think of (BTW I do not overclock). After some
research, I decided to go with an Asus A7N8X Deluxe rev. 2.

Before I install the board I would like to get some suggestions as to
how best to set the BIOS for CPU and memory.

My system config will look like this:
MB = A7N8X Deluxe rev. 2
CPU = Athlon +2400 XP (tbred)
Memory = 2 sticks of Corsair PC3200 512MB (CMX512-3200C2)

suggest you set your memory to run at 266, matching your cpu chip speed. If
stable, then you can try 400.

PSU = Antec 400W
Graphics = ATI Radeon 9500 Pro AGP 8X
HDD1 = Western Digital 120
HDD2 = Western Digital 200

you might want to consider getting a $20 SATA converter for the 200 WD (this
will run XP pro right?). Boot off the WD120 and use the WD200 on the serial
channel. Put your dvd player (or source cd) as master on secondary IDE and
set cd burner as slave on primary controller to allow high speed cd copy
on-the-fly. (Assuming you are into the cd-cdr-dvd stuff.)

I would really like to get this board up and running with optimum
settings to maximize all the benefits of this board WITHOUT going
through a tedious effort to discover the appropriate settings. I do
not plan on over-clocking this board, I just want it to run well and
to remain stable.

I really would appreciate it if someone with the same or similar
configuration can post the settings that worked for them.

TIA for any and all suggestions.

John Wood a.k.a Mortimer Schnurd