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My humble 2 cents -

I just built two PC's with the A7N266-VM running W2K Pro. No problems at
all, but then they are in a TCP/IP enviroment.
Did you update to the latest BIOS?
I would recomend trying out a 3com or intel NIC, and I would disable the
onboard NIC while doing this.

Good luck
"Jessica Ball" wrote in message

I'm having some network troubles with the few machines that I have
built here which are based on the A7N266-VM motherboard. The network
appears to work fine most of the time, however there seems to be some
issues with sending files across a novell network. We run an in-house
app that exports a file to our Novell server and it hangs about half
way through and the rest of the file never makes it up to the server.
I had installed the latest nForce component drivers, which seemed to
work, although sending the file still took about 5 minutes when it
should have been seconds (the files are not more than 500k) After
deciding that it just wasn't going to work and that adding a new NIC
would be easier, I attempted to install a Netgear FA311 card. When it
was installed, I could log in to Novell, but as soon as I did, the
machine would reboot itself.

It appears that some people have had the network issues with the
on-board LAN, but I have not yet seen a fix. Does anyone know if
there is a way to fix this, and if not, if there is a network card
that actually works with the board?