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Default ABIT Ti4200 memory problem?


I posted here a while back about my machine randomly going unstable (lots of
random triangles flying about the screen) during 3D games, and occasionally
screwing up under windows. Someone suggested that I installed an earlier
version of the nVidia drivers, which I have done, but the problem is still

Most of the time games will work for hours with no problems, but sometimes
after about 2 minutes the odd random triangle will flick up on the screen,
this gradually gets worse with more and more triangles until the machine
restarts. Also under windows sometimes a black rectangle will appear and
not get redrawn no matter what you drag over it. Then the screen will go
black for about 1 second and come back on again. Does this several times
and then the machine restarts.

Looking about on the net it seems as if a lot of Ti4200 cards have had
memory problems and people are sending them back. Is there any way to test
that this is the problem with my setup (ie any way to test the vid
memory???) I don't have another AGP card to swap in unfortunately.

If this AGP card isn't the problem, what else do you think is likely? I
don't think it is a temp problem because my machine was very stable before
this problem, and it still occurs when I take the sides off the case. Maybe
PSU half-died? I know I really should get another AGP card to test ;-)

TIA for any suggestions,