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Vincenzo Dello Iacovo
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Default networking troubles

I have three desktops, running W2000 (address, W98 (DHCP),
WXPHome (DHCP), with a 100 Mps link through a dual speed hub (3com). All
have subnet and same workgroup name. I cannot connect to
this network a notebook Presario 1510EA (WXPHome): no response to ping, no
file sharing. Desktops see each other, but they have no connection with
notebook. I found solution to this problem in two ways:

- using an old Ethernet 10-BaseT hub: all machines connected at 10

- connecting the Presario to the old hub, and this one to the fast
hub: only the notebook connected at 10 Mbps.

Should I think to an hardware failure on notebook?