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Roger Zoul
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Richard Dower wrote:
:: "Joe Woods" wrote in message
:: om...
::: I have a GA-7VAX.
::: I have the audio-combo kit that gives me the extra audio connectors
::: and 2 digital outputs (coax + optical).
::: I am going to buy some new speakers, maybe the CREATIVE INSPIRE 5500
::: Can I connect to these speakers using the digita optical output? or
::: is that not a good idea? can it only be used for DVD playback, or
::: can I filter all my PC sounds through the single digital optical
::: output?
:: Those speakers should be connect to the SPDIF, it means that the
:: signal will be sent in digital format to the speakers, and the D/A
:: converter within the speaker enclosure converters the digital signal
:: to analogue for playback.
:: Better sound in other words.