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Default Possible Alien Invasion at Hand !

Very interesting read:

In short:

1. Second found interstellar object (first a scout, now this ?!)
2. Object is possible 10 KM in size ! (mothership ?)
3. Moving at twice the other stars velocity at 44 KM/sec !! (they in a hurry )
Speed of light: 299.792.458 m / s (so it's far below speed of light, no sign of advanced technology just yet ! Maybe they dropped out of warp space already just for safety reasons or so )
4. It has a trail. (Could be engine exhaust ! )
5. Star-like condensed ?!?!?!? WOW perhaps a moving dyson-sphere ?!

This could be it gentlemen ! Contact with a dyson-sphere capable civilization ?!
(Using it's star as yet fuel/engine fuel)

6. The first 10 days of December we might know more about this thanks to amateur telescopes.... perhaps we might even know more about this sooner thx to pro-telescopes if data/visuals are shared and the thruth is told... if nothing is heard could be bad sign ! A cover-up !

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