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Phil Reynolds
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Default Lexmark CS410dn - flashing display

On Wed, 11 Sep 2019 18:42:41 -0400
Andreas Kohlbach wrote:

If the VNC port isn't open there is nothing you can do using a VNC
client or some JAVA application connecting to VNC.

It's not "isn't open", it's "isn't open UNTIL..." - if you carefully
re-read what I wrote.

If you know the IP of your printer start a web browser and point it to
it. If you don't see the setup interface then I am out of ideas.

I need to access the "Remote Operator Panel", which is *deeper* than
the web interface. I can do almost everything routine with the web
interface, but not interact directly with messages on the printer's own
display. That is what the "Remote Operator Panel" is for - and this has
become important because of the fault with the display on the printer.

You are generally correct, but have not understood the specifics.

Phil Reynolds
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