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John Lewis
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Default AMD developing ATI R700, R800, R900 and R1000 architectures

On Wed, 19 Sep 2007 14:09:01 -0700, Radeon-R1000


"Stream Computing is getting big and it will be interesting to see
Nvidia's high-end NV55 and other parts sporting double precision
units, but without full support for IEEE 754 formats. It will be also
very interesting to see what kind of units will be inside R700, R800,
R900 and R1K.

We're not kidding here, these are all projects in various stages of
development inside ATI, with first three architectures being closed,
and the development of R1K specs is in progress.

Still think AMD will stop developing discrete GPUs? If you believe
that, you're probably on something."

Well, if you have no spare development money, marketing can always
dream up vapor-hardware. Seems as if Ati is going to be at the tip of
the tail of the AMD dog for a very long time. The Intel Developer
Conference is revealing some very interesting tidbits that will force
AMD to keep its nose (and bulk of its development money) to the CPU
development grindstone. If AMD loses the CPU business, ATi will get
sold to the highest bidder at pennies on the dollar. AMD is firmly
traped between a rock and a hard place with their totally stupid
acquisition of ATi - borrowing billions of dollars to pay for weak
performer just barely eking out a profit and at a 20% premium.

John Lewis