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Default Socket LGA-1155k: all the same?

Family member has an HP 8200

which, as far as I can figure, has an Intel Core i5-2400 socket LGA-1155 CPU
in it.

Both mobo and power supply appear to have bitten the big one.

Tried a replacement power supply and, sure enough, the tortured noises coming
out of the PS went away.... but the box still will not boot up and there is
nothing coming out of the video port.... so I figure the mobo is history.

I want to build up a replacement that does not contain a lot of proprietary
parts (like the power supply on the HP) - yet leverages the CPU and DDR3
memory from the HP box.

Got an ATX case and a few power supplies laying around.

Am assuming the DDR3 memory and CPU on the HP are still good.

The Question:

Is "Socket LGA-1155" all I need to know when shopping for a Gigabyte mobo to
use that CPU?

Or am I about to shoot myself in the foot buying a mobo and then finding out
that there is some variation on flavor of LGA-1155/Intel Core i5-2400 that
makes it incompatible?

Pete Cresswell