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Bushy wrote:

hope you guys can be of some help.

I purchsed this card off ebay, knowing full well that it was having
problems. The seller reported blue screens with "irq not less or equal"
errors. After looking them up online, it appeared that was most likely a
hardware conflict or dodgy ram, i'll have one bid i thought.

(un)fortunately my one bid won the thing, and it arrived today.

I uninstalled the drivers i had, and installed the "new" card. The problems
were almost immediate. thin blue lines the vertical length of the srceen
during post, then blue and grey lines for the windows xp booting screen,
then ....nothing. the screen went into sleep mode, like it was recieving no

any ideas anyone? could it be a power issue? could the ram on the card be
stuffed? could it be a different wy of reporting teh same error the seller

Help would be much appreciated.


I'm thinking the guy tried a RF mod on it or overvolting. That's a
little too messed up and any retail card could have easily been RMA'd.
The seller most likely fub'd it himself.

Also, IRQ_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL errors aren't always indicative of hardware
problems. Bad chipset driver (like older VIA's and cheap mobos) have
that problem too. So did some earlier Detonators with certain

There's nothing you can do if the ram is bad, so you're stuck with a
lemon. Make it lemonade and give him some crap feedback though Just
for ****s and giggles.