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Default 52.16 Settings Question

Hi - Just installed the 52.16 drivers. They are outstanding. The new
drivers bring out even more detail in Medal of Honor Allied Assault. In
fact, the game is stunning.

My entire modification when playing MOHAA consists of moving the Digital
Vibrance slider from Off to Low. With the 45.23 drivers, all I had to do
was click Restore Hardware Defaults from the System Tray nVidia icon when I
was finished playing the game.

With the 52.16 drivers, there is additional customization. Don't laugh,
(too hard), but I cannot figure out how to get the Default to work. There's
Standard, Customized, and any Customized Desktops I choose to create. The
only one I have is the one for MOHAA, which only consists of moving the
Digital Brilliance slider from Off to Low. When I click Restore Hardware
Defaults, I don't see any change like I did when I had the 45.23 drivers

I have a GeForce 4 - 64Mb - 440 MX video card and am running XP Pro.

Any assistance you can offer is greatly appreciated.