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Default NVIDIA GeForce 9800 ~ G92: over a billion transistors, 512bit memory bus ?

On Sep 25, 5:58 am, Elliot wrote:
That's incredible information
Any idea when they will be released?

it seems that the specs I posted above, belong to a DIFFERENT Nvidia
GPU, not the G92.

there has been much confusion. the G92 is coming out soon but has
specs slightly lower than the old highend 8800 GTX/Ultra.

Nvidia's true highend refresh of G80, which is not named, but I will
call "NV55" (since G80 would've been "NV50"), is not coming out
until Q1 2008 at the soonest. this makes sense because AMD's R700
is not coming out until Q2 2008.

so Nvidia does not have a new highend card this season, but instead, a
shrunk revision of G80 at a lower price.