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"Larry Roberts" wrote in message

Do you have a 128bit memory bus version, or the crappy 64bit
version (not talking about amount of video memory here)? The card
should perform as well as a stock GF3 Ti200 as long as it has the
128bit memory bus. I have a GF3 Ti200 on an Athlon XP 1900+ system,
and get 922 in 3DMark 03. Not sure if the GF3 would be penalized for
non DX9 support, so maybe the FX5200 should have a higher score than

That was my thought as well. Try to confirm which mem control its using. If
its the 64 bit you should take it back and insert it sideways into the
salesperson who sold it to you as its about the only real statisfation you
will get from a fx5200 with 64bit path.