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Ben Brandwood
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Cheers for that..

I think it could be a problem with NWN, as things like Serious Sam, and
Commanche 4, don't seem to be struggling all that much at 1024 with full
detail etc. Infact they cope quite well..

Hmmm, back to bioware I suppose..

As for the 350mhz rather than the 400mhz ramdac, is that indicative of
the smaller bandwith (though I'm not sure it is), and is that likely to
dent my performance that badly? Hey I'm only on 4x AGP anyway. so


FX wrote in

hi, i see that your video card as a ramdac of 350mghz vs other fx5200
that possed 400mghz.

But it should'nt be the reason of your low performence in the game,
maybe it just with this game NWN that your VC performe badly ex: GTA
vice city add some video rendering issue. now with the new diver it
seem to be an old problem.

plus getting almost 1000 at 3dmark 03 is good, why i'm i thinking
that... i get around 700 + with mind and all my game run smooooothly.