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Default Anyone from Nvidia here / How to contact Nvidia?

I used this . They emailed me back
by the next day! Kudos to Nvidia.


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The newest Nvidia drivers has a great feature that makes you select
settings for different application (one app looks good with AA, on
without). And that a great new function.

BUT why not include color/gamma/brightness settings in the profiles as
well, so users don't have to use, PowerStrip or other resident
programs just to adjust this. Asus has this tweaks in their drivers
(but they have some other bugs). Should be easy to add for Nvidia?

I know other manufatorers have started to add this to their drivers.

If Nvidia can't add this, maybe Omega or someone else could do so?

PS! I'd like to send this question to Nivida, but there are no way
to ask a question if you don't own a Nvidia hardware product :-(

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