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Steven Larkin
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Default Twain Problems on Win Server 2003


I have just upgraded one of my PC's to Windows Server 2003 (origionaly
98). I had previously bought an Epson Perfection 660 for that Pc and
it worked perfectly with win 98. But after upgrading to 2003 Server no
Twain applications could detect the scanner. After struggeling for
some time I switched on WIA (disabled by default), this allowed
windows to detect it, but applications (such as Irfan View and my OCR
applications) failed to detect it as a TWAIN device. The only
application that can see it (and only by assigning it to the 'scan'
event) is photoshop. Scanning in Photoshop is great but I also want to
use my OCR applications which fail to detect any TWAIN devices.

I have also tryed the scanner on XP and it again works perfectly. I
also own a digital camera which i use on my XP machine, when I tryed
to install this on 2003 Server i have the same problem.

I hope someone here knows what i'm doing wronge (i don't). Thanks a

Steven Larkin