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Monitors have been known to hold their charge for a month or more, If you feel confident screwing
around with 30,000 to 60,000 volts by all means take the cover off.

On Sun, 3 Oct 2004 02:57:39 +0930, "Squiggle" wrote:

IF you feel confident enough,take the back off and find what is called the
"flyback transformer" It's a Black box with a thick red wire coming out of
the top. You should see two controls on it. One is focus and the other is
SCREEN. The strange lines are scan lines . Try turning this control back a usually controls the "gamma" of the tube(background brightness)
Failing that,if you knowa tecnician,often there is a failed resistor at
fault in these circumstances(usually on the back of the tube) That may fix
the problem but best to take it to atechnician if u dont know what ur doing.


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I think my monitor is going bad, but would appreciate if anyone could back
up my conclusion.

I noticed strange lines running across my screen horizontally. It was as

the screen wasn't refreshing propperly, and what was left of the old

could be seen on the top half and the new screen on the bottom half of the
monitor for a split second, if you catch my meaning. It is especially
noticable on white backgrounds, such as flickering in the sky in a game or
even moving white windows around on the desktop. Basically, things don't
line up correctly for a moment hear or there, as if the new picture wasn't
drawn right for a segment across the screen.

I at first thought this may be the GeForce FX 5900 flicker issue I read
about when I googled it, but subsequent testing has proven this false. I
have hooked up my girlfriends laptop to my own monitor and have the same
issue, so it is not my card or my computer, but seems to be the monitor.

have also tried moving cables around and switching cards slots to see if
this affected anything, as well as changing refresh rates. If anything,
increasing the refresh rate only makes it worse.

Is this an unfixable monitor issue, spelling out the demise of my $150
envision monitor that is a year and a half old? I have moved it around a
lot, and wouldn't be suprised if something could have been damaged. Is
anyone familiar with the error I describe and the cause of it? I would
appreciate any feedback.


evisions 19" CRT: EN-985e
Geforce FX 5900 (non ultra)

I can provide other descriptions and details if needed.

Thanks all,