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On Mon, 10 Nov 2003 01:09:47 -0000, "Hope" wrote:

It doesn't help, because HD is not detected at all - when you enter
a BIOS setup, it says that no HDs present, so it doesn't even give
you an option to set a boot device, because there is none.


cant u set up ur WD with windows (whatever flavor)
with all ur drivers and stuff
then install the IBM drive as master and the WD as slave
then in bios set first boot device to IDE 1

IBM = IDE 0 = Master
WD = IDE 1 = Slave

not perfect but it shoud work

"ddtl" [email protected] wrote in message
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Hello everybody,

I have two HDs:

1) Western Digital, WDC WD800JB

2) IBM Deskstar 180GXP, IC35L060AVV207

IBM's HD is a 2nd HD that i want to install - actually it is
not a new HD - i got it (second hand) by warranty after previous
HD from that model have died (for a second time in 2 years).

The problem is, that however i try to configure those 2 HDs
(slave, master, cable select) - whenever IBM's HD is present,
WD is not detected (except for one case when WD is slave, IBM master,
and they connected accordingly to the cable - WD to a 'slave'
part and IBM to a 'master' part, though because of all the combinations
i tried i don't remember it 100%, so maybe i plainly wrong).

I checked both the cable itself and power connectors
(2 power connectors and 2 plugs of an IDE cable) - all of them
work if only WD is connected, which means that they are not the
problem. Those are the settings i tried (in all the cases primary
IDE channel was used):

1) WD master, IBM slave
2) IBM master, WD slave
3) both cable select

(three of the above where tried when WB on master's cable,
IBM on slave's cable, and the other way around)

4) WB cable select (on master's cable), IBM slave

None of those worked.

What could be a problem? Could it be that IBM's HD is bad and
because of that even WD couldn't be detected? Maybe there
could be another problem?