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Default psu cable to short???

On Fri, 31 Mar 2006 06:27:17 GMT, "Michael"

assembling my new system...

pentium d 930
asus p5ld2 deluxe
antec p180 case
ocz modstream 520 power supply

Seems a power cable is to short to reach the top of the mobo. A four pin
plug to the top left hand corner (eatx12v) pg 2-33 of the mobo manual. or
am I missing something/ not doing it right. Anyone else w/ experience with
this or something similiar.

I have the same power supply and case.

rather rusty at putting things together... hoping I didn't get the wrong

For your case,,, yes, you got the wrong power supply.
Which is not to say you can't get it to work, it's just a little
tougher. The cables on that power supply are too short, thick and

You can look for an extension for the four pin connector, or you can
cut one from an old power supply and solder it on to yours.
That's what I did with mine. I also had to remove the fan from the
hard drive / power supply bay 'cause the cable couldn't make the
sharp turn out and up into the case. The 20 pin cable is j u s t
barely long enough, thank god.