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Default Bios Fails to Detect Hard Drives

Hi There

System Specification
Pentium 3 - 933Mhz
256 MB RAM
Intel 815e or 815ep Chipset
Award Modular BIOS v6.00PG, SN: 10/24/2000-i815-ITE8712-6A69RG0IC-00

Error Details
1. I restarted the PC and got a "boot failure" error.
2. Restarted and noted that the Hard drive detection failed for both
my Master & Slave (2 Hardrives) on the Primary Controller and Master &
Slave (2 CDROM Drives) on the Secondary Controller. It detects the
3. Went into the BIOS, no hard drives listed
4. Tried to Auto Detect and fails repeatedly, cant edit the capacity,
cylinders, or heads fields.
5. Tried different cables = same problem.
6. I am sure it is not any of the drives as they were working OK but I
will be testing them on another machine.
7. I am thinking if it is the power going to the motherboard but the
LED lights are working OK. Im not too sure if this is a proper
indication if the power to the Motherboard is working OK.
8. What to do, do I need to Flash the bios if so do I need to see
Award or Intel. Ive gone on the Net to take a look but I see a whole
lot of info, I just need some direction.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.