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Uninstall the drivers once again and reinstall the latest motherboard
chipset drivers. Restart the PC. Load the latest drivers for the video card
from the manufacturer. Restart the PC again. See if all is well. If it is
still not well ensure the card is well seated, and if necessary reseat it
again. Ensure your power supply has sufficient wattage. Should this still
continue to give you the problem then reinstall your Windows 2000 with the
repair option.


"Filippos" wrote in message
I recently bought a nVidia VGA card ( MX440 - AGP8X ) and replaced my
old one (MX440 64MB), under XP everything was ok, but under W2K the
problem is HUGE.
I can't boot.
The BLUE SCREEN of death says :
STOP:c000026c ...
... nv4_mini.sys caused error
Error Status: 0xc0000221
If I disable VGA from SafeMode and enable it again ok, but I can't do
this all the time.
I tried the latest drivers from nVIDIA : Oct 6, 2003 and from Sparkle
: Jul 2003
and nearly all the older ones from Jul 7, 2002
also I installed latest VIA4in1 or whatever.
H/W ----------
BIOS Award v6.00PG
M/B P4VXAD 1.0 v1.2A 1/17/2002
VGA Sparkle nVIDIA GeForce 4 MX440 with AGP-8X ( )
S/W ----------
Windows 2000 PRO with SP4
Drivers VGA 6/10/2003