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Default Boot Windows 2000, the Blue screen of death and nVidia ?

I recently bought a nVidia VGA card ( MX440 - AGP8X ) and replaced my
old one (MX440 64MB), under XP everything was ok, but under W2K the
problem is HUGE.
I can't boot.
The BLUE SCREEN of death says :
STOP:c000026c ...
.... nv4_mini.sys caused error
Error Status: 0xc0000221
If I disable VGA from SafeMode and enable it again ok, but I can't do
this all the time.
I tried the latest drivers from nVIDIA : Oct 6, 2003 and from Sparkle
: Jul 2003
and nearly all the older ones from Jul 7, 2002
also I installed latest VIA4in1 or whatever.
H/W ----------
BIOS Award v6.00PG
M/B P4VXAD 1.0 v1.2A 1/17/2002
VGA Sparkle nVIDIA GeForce 4 MX440 with AGP-8X ( )
S/W ----------
Windows 2000 PRO with SP4
Drivers VGA 6/10/2003