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Default My 970A-DS3P is opposite of 'ultra durable'

bought in 4-18, its start-up* ic died by 4-19. I had to wait 2 wk for this * to be changed by importer & mboard collected by me. In 2-20 this * died too, after 3 wk, I still cannot get mboard back.
These *s are the least durable component, Jetway has the most durable * : I bought a Jetway socket A mboard in 12-93, its * can still work. I have a Jetway socket 7 mboard : its * can still work. My Asus & Asrock mboards' * lasted just 3.5 yr. This durability must be why now in Msia no shop wants to sell Jetway mboard, to force users to buy new mboards.