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Wayne Youngman
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Default NF7-S: When running 220MHz-FSB USB Mouse doesn't work sometimes! :)


just a bit of feedback. I encountered my first niggle with my new system.
About once a fortnight when I boot the PC my new MS-intellimouse doesn't
work. If I do an immediate restart all is well. I guess this is a side
effect of running a above spec FSB. I still didn't around to mounting a
heatsink on my Southbridge, but I suspect heat isn't a problem as the
machine is just booted when the problem begins (so Southbridge is fairly

SATA is working well as is the SoundStorm audio which are both Southbridge I
believe. I still don't have any fire stuff to test that yet. . .

Anyway no big deal, just thought I would share my observations.
Wayne ][

Barton (AQXEA) XP2500+ @ 2.2GHz (10x220) - 1.75vCore
CoolerMaster Aero 7 Lite - 3,200rpm
ABIT NF7-S (v2.0 - BIOS#14)
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Sapphire Atlantis 9800 - 3.3ns Samsung
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