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Default whats the Best Mobo to Overclock a Barton 2500 ?

On Fri, 4 Jun 2004 08:25:55 -0400, "dino" wrote:

hmmm..some sites say different about MP2500 Barton..oh well
can't believe all I read.

Not to worry. The 45 WATT models are the ones you want.

AXMH2500FQQ4C : Standard 45W Mobile 2500, 1.45 V
AXMA2500FKT4C : DTR 72W Mobile 2500, 1.65 V
AXMA2600FKT4C : DTR 72W Mobile 2600, 1.65 V

The "FQQ" is what you're looking for: 1.45 volts, and 100degreesC max
die temp.

"FKT" is ****ed 1.65v and 90degreesC max die temp.